Who will be the new kings of Timeshare Post Covid, according to Darwin?

When Blackrock’s Larry Fink talks, the street… leans in to listen, but will the bleak outlook for leisure post Covid 19 impact the vacation ownership space?

Will early consolidation opportunities be accelerated in order to leverage customer loyalty revenue vs the pursuit of expensive new sales by brand players?

As Domestic/ Staycations/Drivable travel at best seems more likely that far away travel requiring long haul flights, how will this impact Q3-Q4 Timeshare sales as a prelude to 2021 Projections? As leaders scramble to re-position before any C-19 vaccine is universal, how will industry giants communicate their USP to consumers ?

Will P/E Capital stalk rolls ups from the resort development and Vacation Ownership arena?

Larry Fink does not offer detail for the Vacation Ownership space, but other experts predict a possible reshuffle in strategy ,valuation, sales and marketing costs adjustments and leadership appointments.

Will the brand players go to battlestations to retreat or will some adopt an Alpha disposition to become acquisition predators?

However, does anyone really have a crystal ball to separate consumer appetite for travel from the value proposition of attending a presentation?

Leaders in the timeshare world perhaps may wish to innovate new benefit offers, sales and marketing channels to insure their own sustainability post C-19.

Perhaps for the industry at large, it may be time to invent a bigger ‘why’ factor for all stakeholders, after all.

As in any industry, the new survival of the fittest is now determined by who serves the consumer best.

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Read the full article sharing comments by Blackrock’s Larry Fink below


This article is the only the opinion of the author , MJ Tolan, and as such, is not in anyway meant to influence any investment, purchase or divestiture of any vacation ownership holding.

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