Executive Powers

Executive Powers is a leadership go-to manual to set the navigational course for top leaders today written by the head of the World Class Institute of Leadership and Innovation based on real practical experiences as a C level executive over a 25 year period in 8 country markets. Transform your leadership style through sharpening your own ‘Executive Powers” and lead the way to successful ventures with people who will want to follow you.


Success in 47 Minutes

Success in 47 Minutes… If you sell for a living any service, real estate, insurance, anything, get your game on. Get the right sales psychology, just for you. It may seem impossible to believe, but you can really get Success in 47 minutes through the Lie, Cheat and Steal Formula. You may wish to use another cover when reading this in public or be ready to get some funny looks from people nearby. Deploy this life hacking technique to get more out of anything you do. Spoiler alert. This has nothing at all to do with deceiving or tricking other people. Innovate a start up, become the top real estate agent in your area, get promoted, attain success. If you are looking for more success wherever you are now, whether a job seeker or a refined executive, this book is intended to refresh and inspire you to get all that you want. After starting over 20 businesses, the Author, Michael J. Tolan, unpacks the 3 secrets of success that anyone can understand, digest, and implement within 47 minutes. The formula of How to Lie, Cheat and Steal is a full proof system that works. PS.One reader bought the book thinking we would teach him how to become deceitful and was very disappointed to learn we do not practice negative behavior. We offered his money back, but he felt more powerful trying to slam the book instead of using the technique that I actually invented to save myself from dire straights and went on to win big. Since then I have coached countless numbers of real seekers of success. My challenge is to read the book and apply the principals for 6 weeks.If you really do, you will be amazed at yourself! You! If you sell any product, real estate, insurance, services and your job is to get yourself in the right zone, this is your new playbook.

DARED TO BE ME THROUGH CANCER: Getting Crystal Clear on How to Fly

You have CANCER” are words no one ever wants to hear, but sadly, too many people’s lives have been affected by these three horrible words. Finding ways to remain positive and hopeful is a stressful, extremely difficult journey. The journey can end in a successful remission and/or cancer removal or tragically in death. The medical world's fight to find cures for the many forms of devastating cancer must continue. This book is one way in which this books Publisher/Author Dr.Angelica Benavides as a cancer survivor and other twenty co-authors affected by cancer are providing hopeful messages to cancer survivors and families of those who lost their cancer battles.


As life is a learning curve, the book evidently demonstrates the human capacity for elasticity and endurance in the face of dire situations, forlorn and despair. His propensity to trudge and forge ahead is determined by zeal and enthusiasm for success, taking risks in the face of frightening adversity, and travailing towards overcoming daunting conditions and environments. From Chapter one to Chapter 12, the compendium reflects the tenacity of purpose of the writers, who cut across continents, gender and professional backgrounds. The narrations capture true life experiences of the writers; situations calculated to frustrate life ambitions to progress in academic pursuit, professional career, sustained hope, generational issue and mental incapacitation. Through the use of true-life stories, anecdotes and reflections on the life of legends, the writers took readers to explore the great and latent opportunities and talents in individuals and to maximize them.


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