He is the author of Success in 47 Minutes and Executive Powers.
Coach MJ Tolan is an Inspirational Speaker, Executive Coach.

Coach M J has been a featured guest speaker on other podcasts and webinar programs on Leadership, Entrepreneurial Excellence, Innovation and Communication.

Coach MJ Tolan is an Entrepreneur who started 6 businesses before the age of 27. A student of life he has since created over several businesses over the past 25 years. Today he is a Business Coach,KeyNote and Virtual presenter , facilitator and mentor for business leadership through the World Class Institute for Innovation and Leadership. He serves as board member for the NGO Time4sharing which empowers less fortunate youth in a variety of countries. Stated in the year 2000, they have positively impacted the smiles of over 16,500 children.
M J and his Team that we are passionate about. Leading off with his brand “Mission: I’M Possible” which explores the lives of extraordinary people to inspire us all. Mission: I’M Possible has been a core brand his public speaking and training events in Mexico, USA, Europe, Dubai, Manila, and more since 2010.