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Welcome to the Coach of Possibilities, the Virtual Coach and Speaker and Creator of “The Real Mission I’M Possible Series ” Celebrating the lives of the heroes of our time who were faced with the absurdly impossible and who courageously conquered their fears and made their outcomes possible…Coach M J Tolan – “The I’M Possible Now Business Coach ”



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We appointed Coach MJ to create a Mentor program with our Executive Leadership Team at our Bank. The response and outcome was amazing.
C. Barnett
Central Bank HR

Success in 47 Minutes : The Winning Mind- Set for World Class Success

Success in 47 Minutes… the rest of the title scares some people away šŸ™‚ If you sell for a living any service, real estate, insurance, anything, get your game on. Get the right sales psychology, just for you. It may seem impossible to believe, but you can really get Success in 47 minutes through the Formula. You may wish to use another cover when reading this in public or be ready to get some funny looks from people nearby. Deploy this life hacking technique to get more out of anything you do.